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When he joined the Young Soweto Entrepreneurs association, Khethi Ngwenya did not know that what he would learn at the organisation would be so valuable and inspire him to start his own business.

Just after two years of joining the organisation, which teaches young people from the age of seven to 23 how to start their own businesses, Ngwenya became the Chief Executive Officer for the organisation.

“While at the organisation I had to come up with projects and one of them was going to schools and talking to young people ,” the Soweto-born entrepreneur says.

Ngwenya then realised that students were not getting all the right information they needed, so an idea of starting a magazine came to mind.

My aim was not only to enable clients to advertise in the schools, but also create a platform that was informative, while also developing the schools.

“I wanted us to reach a wider audience, but then I realised that starting a magazine will be useless as the learners might not read it,” he said.

As he saw that the magazine idea was not going to work, he decided to go back to the drawing board and that’s when his company, School Media, was born.

“My aim was not only to enable clients to advertise in the schools, but also create a platform that was informative, while also developing the schools,” he said.

Just after finishing matric, Ngwenya went to different schools in Gauteng and asked them to sign up with his company.

When they agreed, he went and looked for clients who would advertise in the schools.

“I went back to the association to ask them if they would help as well and they were more than happy to help,” he said.

School’s Media helps clients to rent advertising spaces in schools and also distribute the advertising material for them.

With the money they make from the business, 20% is given back to the schools for development.

With four permanent staff members and 25 part time employees, Ngwenya and his team have been able to get 300 schools to work with them.

They also work with the Association of Schools Governing Bodies.

Schools Media also provides these services; allow clients access to engage with the school community, research development, SMS service, printing of material, Erecting of material and manufacturing of material. Ngwenya’s dream is to see disadvantaged schools advanced.

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