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It is a new week, and today we draw our inspiration from Kgosi Keamogetse who lives in Gaborone, Botswana. Kgosi is founder and owner of Platinum Corporate Strategists (Pty) Ltd, a company that helps to meet the needs of increasing demands of the financial sector in Botswana

Well my name is Kgosi Keamogetse. I currently live in Gaborone, Botswana and was born and raised in Molepolole, a town about 50km’s from Gaborone. I have one sibling who is currently 16 years of age and we grew up being raised by a single mom. My mother is my greatest inspiration and she doesn’t know it. I think every mother’s greatest desire is to see her children grow up to be the best of them – I think that’s what fulfils them. Like most families, we had some financial difficulties paying school fees during my primary days, but my mother did what she could to make sure I finished my primary level. I eventually went to varsity and studied AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) at Botho University here in Gaborone. Started my first job in 2013 as an intern in the Accounts office. Then was later appointed an Accounts Clerk in 2015, the same year again was appointed an Accounts Assistant. In 2016 I got a new job where I was also working as an Accounts Assistant until early 2017 when I went to start my own company.

What were the challenges and great things about growing up?

The challenges I faced growing up was mostly on decision making – who to follow, who to look up to as a mentor, what kind of friends to keep etc. Growing up as a first born child of 2, in a single parent home, things were a bit difficult for me. During my teenage years, I always had a lot of questions to certain things I was experiencing, both as a student and a member of society in general. I was really timid and had a lot of fears and doubts. So while faced with certain trails and tempting situations, I wouldn’t know whom to seek, to ask for direction or advice. Some situations were very unique and sensitive – I didn’t have an open relationship with my mom so questions/issues relating to career choice, relationships, etc., I’d always struggle to ask my mom on them. Moreover, growing up without a father figure in the house, I had to ‘’grow up fast’’, meaning I had to learn and take up some roles and responsibilities that my father would, both in the house and to my little brother as well.

But one of the greatest miracles that ever happened in my life was my encounter with GOD. I met GOD while I was a teenager and I began learning His Word and all questions I ever had were somehow answered before I could make the wrong decisions in my life. I began falling in love with serving people and just helping others become better versions of themselves. But one thing that remained in my family, despite of all challenges, was joy, soundness, good health, laughter and understanding. This is what made us strong together as a unit and made us look to the future with great expectation.

Your career? What is it that you do? What inspired you to do what you do? (You can talk about your job or business here) Details please.

I’m presently running and building my company (Platinum Corporate Strategists) which was established in November 2016, but started operating in February 2017. Platinum was established after a news article I read in 2015 during our 49th Independence Anniversary, in which financial and political leaders spoke of the need to diversify the economy and reduce Botswana’s dependence on mining. I was still employed as an Accounts Assistant when I read that article and it caught my attention and focus.

In the article, one of the key note speakers, Mr Allan Ramsay (then President of AAT – Association of Accounting Technicians), mentioned that finance skills played a key role on driving the diversification of the economy. He also said that analysts globally were waiting for a time when Botswana’s economy would rely on greater skills development outside of the mining sector, looking to boost local business.

He further on said,’’If this is to succeed and we are to build a bright economic future, there will be an enormous demand for skills in the field of finance and accounting. It is only through a solid body of qualified finance professionals that growth can truly be supported in all other areas’’

This was the much needed inspiration I needed to start Platinum Corporate Strategists (Pty) Ltd. One of our aims is to help meet the needs of increasing demands of the financial sector in Botswana, and to particularly help boost the low rates of youth entrepreneurship by providing financial and accounting services that help manage youth businesses.

Some of our services include;

  • TAX/VAT services
  • Company Secretarial services
  • Company  & Business Registration
  • Financial/Accounting services
  • Annual Returns
  • Trade License applications
  • Business Plans
  • Branding services (Printing & Design, Signage, Vehicle Branding, Office Branding, Exhibition Stands, Promotional Materials)

What do you like most about yourself and the work that you do?

Being able to provide these services has helped me grow substantially. My mind is always occupied with new ideas which I could apply to better internal systems or put in certain controls which better improves my clients’ businesses. My slogan ‘’Let’s Help You Rise Like An Edifice’’ always inspires me to be ahead of all my competitors, to come up with better services and also bring a certain preferred competitive edge. I like how diligent I’ve become

What are some of the challenges which you’ve faced and how did you overcome them?

I started my company from scratch, without saving any capital. This was the greatest challenge because I had to pay external stakeholders like The City Council, the Association of Business Consultants of Botswana for membership fees etc. So it was a bit of a challenge gathering all the money to pay and operate a legit business, especially as a consultant. I later found an office to rent but since business was still in its infant stages, I experienced a lot of Late rental payments. I didn’t know how to market my business other than social media. So poor marketing as well. Getting to buy office furniture was a challenge too. I started off with nothing. Every day I was hopeful.

So I borrowed some money from some friends who operated micro lending businesses to start. Although the interest rates were high, I just had to take the chance to pay all I needed to pay for to get my business running.

What are some of your life highlights for you so far? What are you most proud of?

I got engaged last year (November 2017) and I’m soon to be married. That to me has been the greatest highlight of my life. Marriage is a huge step of responsibility, and I’m really excited to embark on this new journey with my friend and partner. I love her dearly.

What, in your opinion, are the most important factors to keep in mind to make it in your career or life in general?

Knowledge – I have gotten to understand that we live in an ever evolving world. A lot of things are changing and one of the important factors for me is to seek knowledge and not results. If I focus solely on results, my motivation will be like the weather – it will die the minute I hit the storm. I’ve learnt that if I focus my gaze on the excitement of discovery, improving, exploring an experimenting, my motivation will always be fuelled. So I focus on the journey, not the destination. Then I always think about what I’m learning along my journey and what/where to improve to better myself in becoming excellent.

Commitment – I have to stay committed to my goals and vision at all time. I always ask myself how important my goals are, and also what I am willing to sacrifice for me to achieve them. Every time I find myself fully committed, motivation follows without a struggle.Improve your thinking process (mind renewal) – The mind is a powerful tool and God gave us the mind to create anything it could ponder over. It’s a tool that one can discipline for success. With the power of the mind, I discovered I have an extraordinary capacity to contemplate, think, envision and see endless possibilities. I get to imagine and see the things I have always desired to happen for my business, family and all other God-given responsibilities I handle outside my scope of work.Excellence – Excellence makes you surpass others. For me, excellence means extra-ordinary discretion; having excellent perception. For me to be sought out and for business to increase upon me, I’ve got to be perceptive to the needs of others and their environment. That’s what really makes the difference between the greats and the smalls. One synonym of excellence I love is “greatness.” Great people have great visions, and great visions don’t mean great plans or ambitions, but an extraordinary amplitude of perception – the ability to see so much at the same time. I’m always cultivating an excellent spirit daily, that’s why I know I will be great in due time.Out-do your past – In life/business, never compare yourself with others, run your own race. Move at your own pace and be the best of you. It’s needless to engage in any kind of unhealthy rivalry or competition with others. That someone else is succeeding doesn’t mean one is failing; it all depends on individual aims and targets, or set objectives. Success is relative and is measured at different stages. Always outdo your past – past failures and disappointments, and look at the future with great anticipation. 

Where would you like to see yourself in the next three years?

One of the reasons I started business other than trading, was to try help improve the issue of unemployment in my community. So in the next 3 years, it would be fulfilling to see myself having employed a few people from my local community so that they may get off the streets and make a better life for themselves with the monies they’d be receiving. Other than that, I’d like to see my short term business goals having been met beyond the targets and my clientele should increase to other nations as well.

If there was anything you could do differently, what would it be?

I’m really content with everything I’ve achieved so far because it came in with all the hard work and dedication I put into it. But what I learnt, which I’m now applying, is to take in certain amount of work that I can handle and deliver timeously. Taking in more work beyond my capacity results in me producing sub-standard work and eventually unhappy clients. This is bad for business. So I have learnt to be honest with my clients if I’m unable to deliver certain services within the stipulated time, so that I don’t inconvenience them and also compromise my integrity.

Are there any specific people or organisations that you look up to and draw inspiration from and why?

  • Woolworths
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Apple
  • DHL
  • Emirates
  • Scania

The services and products offered by these organisations are outside my scope of work currently, but they inspire me in so many different areas. Some inspire my future plans of having trucking & Logistics companies, some I love their turnaround time, some I love how they have branded themselves, and thus inspire me to always work on myself as a brand and open myself to the importance of branding. Some have incredible Technology & Innovation to their products and services. Some I love Delivery, Customer service, Quality products and Excellence. So I look at these companies, above so many others, and draw inspiration from them as I read and visit their websites, and try measure latest technologies with them.

Are there any inspiring projects which you’re involved in?

I have recently finished all my compliance documents for tendering purposes. That’s the next field I want to get into (tendering), mostly for supplies for now. So no projects currently.

Lastly, what advice would you give to others out there looking to follow in your footsteps?

Refuse to be jobless. If you don’t have a job, make one. Find something you’re good at; something that’s good for God and good for people, and start doing it. Refuse to let your mind go to sleep. What can you do? Look inwards for creative ideas. Don’t wait for someone to give you a job, make one! Take a leap of faith. The Lord will help it grow. There is a portion of scripture that I love so much which inspired me greatly when I started;

 “Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” Zacharia 4:10 (NLT)

Mind renewal is a continual process. Start your business and read the right materials, your mind will always improve to increase your abilities. People will prefer you, only if you make up your mind to be excellent.

How can the public contact you?


Facebook: King Kg

Instagram: @Churchboy116



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