South Africa, A Land of Violence, Corruption and Trauma – I Still See Beauty In You


Writer: Mthunzi Shadow Dlamini

South Africa has become an emotional place to live in more recently. I wake up every morning and still feel like I don’t belong. Not because of what I did or doing but because of the things that the people with the same colour of my skin are doing and accused of doing. I feel like I’ve done something wrong every day for being black.

Let me first address how the media has shifted its focus to exposing any dirt done by the black man, how my skin colour has become a joke in the land of my forefathers for the world to see. Let me address how the world has seen a black man in Africa (South Africa) so incompetent, disorganised, violent, corrupt and incapable of leading this country. Let me address how in recent years the media has managed to isolate the interests of black people from standing together and supporting each other to hate and fight against one another for power and status. This is the same system which was used in the apartheid era to separate blacks in case you forgot (If you disagree, please share a story of one white person whose been publicly dragged in the mud for corruption, being incapable or stupid, can’t speak proper, can’t read numbers correctly, raped a woman and got away with it, stole money to pursue their personal interest and forged their way to power positions; Don’t worry I’ll wait).

I grew up in the township, at the heart of the ghetto. The only development I saw was four roomed houses built for my parents, we had no street lights until I was about 13 or 14 years old. The roads where I grew up were muddy as hell, the first time we had a pavement was when I was 17 going to 18 (please note the difference in the number of years and compare that to what my elders went through in this country), then I had a flushing toilet. I remember in Dunusa 42nd Hill, Harrismith Freestate they were still using the bucket toilets in those days, I had a post office in the hood, community hall and all this happened before I reached the age of 18.

Already at this stage white people were living comfortably in their safe town houses, they already had these privileges. Black people were slaves who built that comfortable life for the white folks, and blacks are still slaves today, used to destroy their own generation. We now know how to complain about light bills going up, potholes for our fancy cars, we complain about the kind of president we have (who happens to be black). This must be nice right? Because we have white friends and colleagues who now support us in shaming and pointing out how incompetent our black government has become.

“Things were never like this” they say and we agree with them because having a “white opinion” makes you descent and not like the others who still support the black system. Yes!  I also agree, things were never like this for a black man simply because we didn’t have these things, we did not have a chance to complain when things were right in the white man’s eye while we sat in the dark, we didn’t have a word, not even an opportunity to question the white government.

There’s a war going on out there and the white man’s plan is to get back what used to belong to them. It’s happening in America as we speak, it’s happening all over Europe and the black man is the only tool they are using to win this war. I quote this passage from the old book written by the white masters years before I was born: “Don’t forget, you must pitch the OLD BLACK MALE vs. the YOUNG BLACK MALE and the YOUNG BLACK MALE against the OLD BLACK MALE. You must use the Dark Skin Slaves vs. the Light Skin Slaves and the Light Skin Slaves vs. the Dark Skin Slaves. You must use the Female vs. the Male, and the Male vs. the Female. You must also have your white servants and overseers distrust all Blacks, but it is necessary your slaves trust and depend on us. They must love, respect, and trust only us.” William Lynch: The Untold “Story” 1712


Tell you what. You don’t need your own hotels. You can continue to stay in ours. You certainly don’t need your own supermarkets when you can shop at ours 24 hours a day. Why should you even think about owning more banks? You have plenty now. And don’t waste your energies trying to break into manufacturing we own that too. You work hard enough in our fields. Relax. Have a party. We’ll sell everything you need. And when you die, we’ll even bury you at a discount. How’s that for gratitude? Finally, the best part. You went beyond the pale and turned over your children to us for their education. It’s funny how relevant this old book is to what’s happening today in my country South Africa and the greatest America we all adore.

South Africa is a great country, we have achieved so much in just 24+ years of democracy thanks to all the comrades who stood up and fought the apartheid government. We must be grateful and appreciate the wonderful changes and phases our country has gone through. Thanks to my President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa for his understanding of this method and his patience with the black people of this country that have turned against him to feed the white man’s ego.

I would like to thank the white people for thinking that all blacks are stupid and can’t see beyond their idea of this beautiful South Africa. I would also like to say to you white people of South Africa, instead of complaining about how the country is for you now, try to imagine what the black man in this country has been through while your white government was in charge, know that you still haven’t experienced an inch of what Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Chris Hani and our forefathers have been through. Stop complaining and take this moment to feel how it is to be black. Understand the pain of someone abusing your vote and using it to their advantage. Understand how it feels to not have the service delivery you deserve, understand the pain of losing your voice. Lastly please understand that there is a generation of black kids who don’t fear you or bow to your manipulative ways. Understand that the black child is still on the raise and tread carefully.

This is my Africa, I will make my African mistakes, yes I may destroy my Africa at some point but I have the strength and intelligence in me to mend it together, this is my birth place, it’s my Israel and I will love and protect it unconditionally. I may be the only one doing and/or thinking like this, but sometimes you have to be alone to make sense of everything when everybody is losing their minds. Wake up Black Child and stay together…..

In closing, I won’t, can’t and don’t support any Party using its opposition flaws to gain my trust. In my eyes that’s not human.

There’s a war going on out there, the white man is out to get what used to be his and is using a black mind as his tool. Close your EYES to what the MEDIA wants you to SEE and OPEN your MOUTH, it’s time we have CONVERSATIONS as BLACK BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

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