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Happy Women’s Day! Women really are taking over the world. Today we are inspired by Basadi Ohimile who shares her phenomenal story as a woman and entrepreneur. Read below.

Basadi Ohimile is name, a village lady from GaMmaGwato, Serowe Botswana. Botswana and my learning started early coming from a family of six and being the a last born for 12 years of my life, then change in dynamics to being the middle child thereafter. My warm upbringing instilled in me self believe, confidence and resilience. I did my primary school level to BGCSE in my village.

I came to South Africa for my advanced Diploma in Marketing and Public Relations with Birnam Business College. I started liaising for our umbrella company The Concept King for their clients across the border and from that TCK Media was born which is a subsidiary of The Concept King which I know head in our Johannesburg office. Being an entrepreneur is finding a gap in the market and turning ideas into reality.



I come form the best era, where a child belonged to the community and the morale fibre was so strong and thus allowed us to roam the streets and enjoy being children surrounded by love and security from the community. I come from a home where there was so much warmth and cultures developed within our household. For example when it rained, mum cooked dumplings and stew and up until today, when rain clouds gather I feel the love, hear the laughs and just smile away as memories are embedded in me press play. I had challenges dealing with bullies at school and it always helped to let an adult know and address the situation.


“The most successful businesses of the past years have all understood one singular important business principle; communication and advertising is everything and vice versa” And so my career specialises in communication and advertising services in wide spectrum. It is something I passionately believe in. Our company philosophy serves to remind us that at the end of the day, what is important is the value that communication adds to our client’s business.

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Likes and Challenges

Resilience. I have faced life challenges and still are, that showed me the strength in me is bigger that any outside forces and still building me to the strong woman I am. When life gets tough and I harden with it and like a muscle I get torn out on the other side even stronger.

I wear my emotions in my sleeves and embrace all emotions I feel, when it hurts I cry like a baby and be on the look out when I try my tears. The lioness in me gets on a preying mode and will get what’s mine, hence when things do not work out, I rest easy knowing what mine will always be mine.

Thoughts on entrepreneurship

Business are established to build wealth for the employer not the employee if our black youth grasp this concept earlier on in life, we can reach economic freedom in our lifetime and entrepreneurship is one of the sustainable ways to attain this.



I pride myself in staying true to the essence of the person that I am. Not everybody will understand me or even like me and that does not mean I should conform to the norm.

I pride my self to loyalty to the people I love and hold family so close to my heart as they grounds and anchor me. My career highlight is heading our Johannesburg office from inception to date and two years later am still growing The Concept King brand.

Wise words

Education! Education! Education! It pays to have passion and dreams to aspire too but you need credentials to back you up in what ever industry you are in, it will always give weight to you as brand. In life in general never, ever loose hope as it will neutralize you. Be specific of what you hope for in life so that in affliction to God you will get to the next level.


I draw my inspiration from my mother. She is the epitome of love and strength and she is just larger than life. I draw and drink from her essence. My father invested in us enough love and pride to ride the waves of life for eternity.


In my personal capacity I regret nothing, the slaps that life has ushered me have being learning curves for the future and am one person that does things wholeheartedly and so when things doesn’t work out, I would have done the best i could at the time.
Business I believe that creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun and so I would not wish to do anything differently.


Last Words

Honour your feelings and do not ever be afraid of the dark days for they are just the other side of the coin, practice what you learnt in the light when it’s dark so that the transformation will be complete and you will even be more stronger, when you get to the other side.

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Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with our community, Basadi. You are truly phenomenal and we wish you all the best!

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