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BANKSETA is as such an agent of transformation and seeks to promote employment equity and broad-based BEE through Skills Development.

The BANKSETA Council has indicated that there is a continuing need for the funding of skills development for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research studies pertinent to the broader banking and inclusive banking (micro-finance) sector.

The need is expressed for funding of Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Research programmes, offered by South African Institutions of Higher Education.

The rationale for funding the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programmes is to address the following:

  • Provide financial support and assistance primarily to previously disadvantaged individuals who are engaging in Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research within the banking and microfinance sector; maths and science as well as learning and development:
  • Stimulate research pertinent to the broader banking and microfinance sector to support the growth and development of the financial services sector;
  • Grow the knowledge economy by encouraging research and innovation in new fields that will add to the body of knowledge for the banking and microfinance sector and learning and development in South Africa.
  • Make research results available in the interest of the financial services sector and the South African economy as a whole.
  • Increase the pool of previously disadvantaged individuals graduating with a doctoral degree to contribute to achieving transformation targets in the sector

Doctoral/Post-doctoral students must be nominated by the Employer where the student is employed.

BANKSETA will evaluate the application based on the importance of the research to the banking and inclusive banking sector and will approve/decline applications and allocation of funds.

The BANKSETA reserves the right not t o allocate the funding available.

Funding Offered:

The BANKSETA will consider funding applications from

1. employees of BANKSETA registered employers to provide support to employees who want to pursue their doctoral or post-doctoral studies

2. Lecturers from public TVET Colleges, Universities of Technology and Universities who want to complete their doctoral studies by completing their dissertation in the financial services sector; maths and science and learning and development.

The funding will be paid to the University where the doctoral student is registered.

BANKSETA will also accept applications from doctoral and post-doctoral students registered at South African Institutions of Higher Education to fund studies that relate to research in the broader banking and inclusive banking (microfinance) sector as well as Post-school Education and Training.

For students who are registering for their doctoral studies for the first year and do not have an approved research proposal, BANKSETA will only fund the university fees.

For students who have an approved research proposal with confirmation from the University, BANKSETA will fund the university fees as well as costs related to carrying out the research.

The research allowance is to be used for research related activities like purchase of books, national conferences, supervisor fees if the supervisor is an external person, collection of data and data analysis, editing and printing.

It is not a living stipend and cannot be used for international travel and accommodation nor the purchase of laptops, software, etc. BANKSETA will on an annual basis review the amount to be allocated per student.

For the 2016-2017 year, BANKSETA will fund a doctoral student to a maximum of R50 000.00 for a first year doctoral student who does not have an accepted research proposal.

For doctoral students who have an approved research proposal (any year of study), BANKSETA will provide funding to a maximum of R10 000.00 per annum.

Funds not utilised will remain in the student’s university account to be utilised for further years of study until the study is completed. On completion of the programme, the student may then apply for a re-fund for the balance on the student account.

Should fees exceed the threshold, the applicant will need to supply proof of additional funding requested.

Funding is approved on an annual basis for the registered year of study and not for the full period of the doctoral study.

Doctoral and post-doctoral applicants must apply on an annual basis for funding once BANKSETA opens its Doctoral and Post-doctoral Funding Window.

Applications will only be received and evaluated during funding windows and not throughout the year

Individuals (employees of BANKSETA registered employers or Public Institutions of Learning) who are registered for their doctoral studies or post-doctoral research can apply through the Employer or the Higher Education Institution where the student is registered for their studies.

Higher Education Institutions must endorse the application before it is submitted to BANKSETA.

The Doctoral/Post-doctoral student must complete the application form and forward to the University for Completion.

The duly completed application form with all the necessary supporting documents must be submitted to the Employer to forward to BANKSETA.

The application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

1. A copy of the students ID
2. Proof of registration from the university
3. The fully completed application form
4. Approved research proposal with confirmation from the University ( not a prescribed requirement for first year doctoral student)

5. Progress Report (if student is applying for funding for subsequent year of study)

Closes on: 16 May 2016






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