Department of Environmental Affairs Full-time Bursaries


The Department of Environmental Affairs is inviting full-time students to apply for bursaries to be awarded in the 2016 academic year, in the following fields of study.

The Department of Environmental Affairs is inviting full-time students to apply for bursaries to be awarded in the 2016 academic year, in the following fields of study.

  • LLB majoring in Environmental Law
  • BA Law (Administrative Law, Legislative Drafting) with major courses in Environmental Law,Contract Law
  • Diploma or Degree as Paralegal
  • ND/BTech/BA/BSc/Hons/Master’s: Environmental Management
  • BSc majoring in Geography
  • BTech/MTech: Oceanography
  • BA in Environmental Management majoring in Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BA: Information Management
  • BSc/ND/BTech: Environmental Sciences
  • ND: Environmental Sciences with Industrial Policy/Environmental Law and International Law
  • BSc: Ecotoxicology
  • ND/BSc: Environmental Engineering
  • BSc/BSc Hons/MSc: Biochemistry
  • BSc/ND: Chemical Engineering (Process Engineering)
  • BSc or ND: Chemistry
  • ND/Higher Diploma: Environmental Health
  • BSc or ND: Industrial Engineering
  • ND/BTech/BSc Hons/MSc/PhD: Marine Science
  • PhD: Taxonomy (Zooplankton/Phytoplankton)
  • BSc/BSc Hons/MSc/PhD: Marine Remote Sensing
  • ND: Civil Engineering: Buildings
  • ND: Horticulture
  • ND: Landscape Architecture/Technology
  • ND: Architecture
  • ND: Building
  • ND/BTech/MTech: Nature Conservation
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Ecology
  • BSc/Hons/MSc/BTech/MTech: Zoology
  • BTech/Master’s: Civil Structural
  • BTech/Master’s: Construction Management
  • BSc/ND: Botany
  • ND/BTech/MTech: Town and Regional Planning
  • ND: Natural Resource Management specifically Forestry (Forest Conservation)
  • Master’s: Marine Biology
  • ND/BA: Environmental Economics
  • BA: Development Studies
  • BSc: Biological Sciences/Microbiology
  • BA/ND: Natural Resource Economics
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Social Sciences
  • BSc: Natural Sciences
  • Bachelor’s Degree: Soil Science
  • BHCS: Heritage and Cultural Studies/Cultural

Consideration will be given to previously disadvantaged individuals and people with disabilities who are South African students and have successfully completed their first year of undergraduate study or those who are currently registered for postgraduate studies.

However, strongly motivated applications from first-year students within the above-mentioned fields of study will also be considered.

The bursary will cover the tuition fee to a maximum of R40 000.00

Interested students must submit the following documents:

  • Motivation as to why the bursary should be awarded to you
  • Certified copies of qualifications and recent academic records
  • Certified copies of Identity Document (applicant and both parents or guardian)
  • Confirmation of proof of registration (if already enrolled with the institution of higher learning) or admission letter
  • Proof of parents’ or guardian’s income
  • Must be a South African citizen.

Closing date: 23 October 2015

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