Let Education Be Your Compass


Writer: Lerato Asiphe Bhayi


Which way are you going?

Are you equipped to carry yourself to greatness?

You alone can make it happen by letting your compass lead you where you need to go, it can all happen if you are eager to learn, ready to work hard and change your attitude. It starts now!

It will be hard and challenging, but you shouldn’t give up instead you must soldier on, push yourself to greatness let education transform you mentally, help you gain knowledge in your field of study, develop your personality, have opinions on certain issues and define who you become in life.

Let your compass lead you into great opportunities, by preparing you into your unique career. You can change your background, find your sense of purpose in life and make your dreams a reality.

You can make it happen. Never give up.

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Thank you for motivating our community, Lerato. We here at Education Ambassadors SA appreciate it and wish you all the best.

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