SAPS Police Training Programme in the Northern Cape (309 Positions)

The South African Police Service invites applications from all races and gender for Enlistment in the Basic Police Development Learning Programme from young, energetic, intelligent, physically and mentally fit individuals, dedicated to serving their country by pursuing a career in policing.Basic enlistment requirements:

Young South African men and women who apply to be appointed as a member in terms of the South African Police Service Act, 1995 (Act no 68 of 1995) must:

  • Apply on the form determined by the National Commissioner and affirm under oath or by way of a solemn declaration that the particulars furnished in the application, are the truth and correct;
  • Be a South African citizen of which documentary proof must be furnished;
  • Be at least eighteen (18) and under thirty (30) years of age of which documentary proof must be furnished;
  • Be in possession of a Grade 12 school certificate or National Certificate (Vocational) Safety in Society of which documentary proof must be furnished (2015 matriculates are welcome to apply and before enlistment proof of successful completion of Grade 12 (Senior Certificate) must be submitted. As an interim arrangement kindly submit proof of last school report); Preference will be given to applicants who are in possession of at least a light vehicle driver’s licence;
  • Submit himself or herself to a physical medical examination as determined by the National Commissioner and must be found to be physically and mentally fit for appointment in the post for which he or she applies;
  • Undergo a psychological assessment as determined by the National Commissioner and be found to comply with the profile of a police official;
  • Proficient in at least two of the official languages, of which one must be English;
  • Be prepared to take the oath of office;
  • Be prepared to undergo such training as determined by the National Commissioner;
  • Not have any tattoo marks of which will be visible when wearing the SAPS summer uniform;
  • Have no previous criminal convictions and/or pending criminal, civil, disciplinary cases and such person shall allow his or her fingerprints to be taken and allow background enquiries to be made; Not have been declared unfit to possess a firearm and
  • Be prepared to serve anywhere in the Republic.

Body Mass Index of less than 30 / Waist circumference ≤ 102 cm (males) and ≤ 88 cm (females).

All applicants will be subjected to a fitness, psychometric and integrity testing as well as medical evaluation and will be interviewed during the recruitment, selection and enlistment process. The SAPS will also verify the criminal record, qualifications, driver’s license, citizenship and residential address of each applicant.
Applicants in possession of valid driver’s license for at least a light motor vehicle will have an added advantage.
Applicants will be subjected to a vetting process which will include security screening and fingerprint verification.
Applicants who previously served in a Government Department and who were dismissed as a result of misconduct are excluded.
The SAPS will also publish the names of applicants on the SAPS Website and in the newspapers for public comments.
Applicants will undergo a Final Selection Phase (“Grooming Phase”) at a venue and period as determined by the National Commissioner, to select the successful applicants.
In view of the physical demands of the Basic Police Development Learning Programme, applicants with chronic diseases, physical impairments or any other health condition that may lead to interruption of the training programme, will be excluded from participation in the programme. Such applicants’ failure to disclose the conditions will result in their withdrawal from the programme on the determination thereof.

The Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act, Act 37 of 2013 requires that all new appointments in the South African Police Service as from 31st of January 2015 provide a buccal (inside cheek) sample in order to determine their forensic DNA profile. The forensic DNA profile derived from the sample will be loaded to the Elimination Index of the National Forensic DNA Database.

Basic Police Development Learning Programme

Selected applicants shall participate in a Basic Police Development Learning Programme (hereafter referred to as the PROGRAMME) for a period of 24 (twenty four) months. The PROGRAMME shall consist of three phases:

  • Academy Phase: Ten months training at a designated SAPS Academy;
  • Field Police Development Phase: Twelve months training at a designated Field Police Development police station;
  • Integrated Assessment Phase: Two months assessment at a designated SAPS Academy.

During the Academy Phase of the PROGRAMME the Service shall provide free training gear, meals and accommodation to the police trainee. During the Field Police Development Phase of the PROGRAMME the police trainee shall be responsible for his/her own meals and accommodation; Trainees will also receive medical aid benefits for the duration of the 24-month Basic Training Learning Programme. Upon successful completion of the Basic Training Learning Programme trainees will be considered for permanent appointment as members of the SAPS. Remuneration (on completion of the training period) will be on the first notch of Band A (currently R142 140 per annum). In addition to this, appointees will receive the applicable service benefits.

Core Functions:

Successful candidates will serve as functional police officials. As such, they will be deployed to carry out one or more of the following functions:

  • Prevent, combat and investigate crime,
  • Maintain public order,
  • Protect and secure the inhabitants of the Republic and their property,
  • Uphold and enforce the law

309 Entry Level Posts are available in the Basic Police Development Learning Programme at the following stations in the Northern Cape:

  • Calvinia SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T1/7/2015
  • Fraserburg SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T2/7/2015
  • Loeriesfontein SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T3/7/2015
  • Middelpos SAPS (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T4/7/2015
  • Nieuwoudtville SAPS (1 Post) – Ref: NC T5/7/2015
  • Sutherland SAPS (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T6/7/2015
  • Williston SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T7/7/2015
  • Carnavon SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T8/7/2015
  • Loxton SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T9/7/2015
  • Van Wyksvlei SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T10/7/2015
  • Vosburg SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T11/7/2015
  • Britstown SAPS (1 Post) – Ref: NC T12/7/2015
  • Colesberg SAPS (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T13/7/2015
  • Petrusville SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T14/7/2015
  • Sunrise SAPS (1 Posts) – Ref: NC T15/7/2015
  • Victoria West (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T16/7/2015
  • Galeshewe SAPS (5 Posts) – Ref: NC T17/7/2015
  • Belmont SAPS (1 Post) – Ref: NC T18/7/2015
  • Hopetown SAPS (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T19/7/2015
  • Strydenburg SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T20/7/2015
  • Augrabies SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T21/7/2015
  • Kakamas SAPS (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T22/7/2015
  • Keimoes SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T23/7/2015
  • Kenhardt SAPS (5 Posts) – Ref: NC T24/7/2015
  • Deben SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T25/7/2015
  • Kathu SAPS (9 Posts) – Ref: NC T26/7/2015
  • Olifantshoek SAPS (1 Post) – Ref: NC T27/7/2015
  • Kimberley SAPS (10 Posts) – Ref: NC T28/7/2015
  • Modderrivier SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T29/7/2015
  • Plooysburg SAPS (1 Post) – Ref: NC T30/7/2015
  • Heuningvlei SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T31/7/2015
  • Mothibistad SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T32/7/2015
  • Severn SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T33/7/2015
  • Van Zylsrus SAPS (1 Post) – Ref: NC T34/7/2015
  • Aggeneys SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T35/7/2015
  • Onseepkans SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T36/7/2015
  • Pella SAPS (5 Posts) – Ref: NC T37/7/2015
  • Pofadder SAPS (8 Posts) – Ref: NC T38/7/2015
  • Alexander Bay SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T39/7/2015
  • Kleinsee SAPS (1 Posts) – Ref: NC T40/7/2015
  • Port Nolloth SAPS (8 Posts) – Ref: NC T41/7/2015
  • Danielskuil SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T42/7/2015
  • Lime Acres SAPS (3 Post) – Ref: NC T43/7/2015
  • Postmasburg SAPS (1 Post) – Ref: NC T44/7/2015
  • Marydale SAPS (1 Post) – Ref: NC T45/7/2015
  • Niekerkshoop SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T46/7/2015
  • Prieska SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T47/7/2015
  • Garies SAPS (5 Posts) – Ref: NC T48/7/2015
  • Hondeklip Bay SAPS (9 Posts) – Ref: NC T49/7/2015
  • Kammieskroon SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T50/7/2015
  • Kommagas SAPS (3Posts) – Ref: NC T51/7/2015
  • Nababeep SAPS (5 Posts) – Ref: NC T52/7/2015
  • Steinkopf SAPS (5 Posts) – Ref: NC T53/7/2015
  • Vioolsdrift SAPS (6 Posts) – Ref: NC T54/7/2015
  • Groblershoop SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T55/7/2015
  • Kanoneiland SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T56/7/2015
  • Noenieput SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T57/7/2015
  • Rietfontein SAPS (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T58/7/2015
  • Rosedale SAPS (33 Posts) – Ref: NC T59/7/2015
  • Upington SAPS (22 Posts) – Ref: NC T60/7/2015
  • Witdraai SAPS (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T61/7/2015
  • Alexander Bay Land Port (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T62/7/2015
  • Gemsbok Land Port (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T63/7/2015
  • Nakop Land Port (17 Posts) – Ref: NC T64/7/2015
  • Onseepkans Land Port (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T65/7/2015
  • Rietfontein Land Port (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T66/7/2015
  • Sendelingsdrift Land Port (5 Posts) – Ref: NC T67/7/2015
  • Tweerivieren Land Port (4 Posts) – Ref: NC T68/7/2015
  • Upington International Airport (6 Posts) – Ref: NC T69/7/2015
  • Vioolsdrift Land Port (13 Posts) – Ref: NC T13/7/2015

Crime Intelligence opportunities available in the Northern Cape

  • Provincial Crime Intelligence: Overt Operational Intelligence & Analysis Coordination (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T71/7/2015
  • Provincial Crime Intelligence: Crime Intelligence Cluster Coordination (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T72/7/2015
  • Provincial Crime Intelligence: Overt Operations (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T73/7/2015
  • Provincial Crime Intelligence: Counter Intelligence (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T74/7/2015
  • Provincial Crime Intelligence: Security Intelligence (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T75/7/2015
  • Provincial Crime Intelligence: Covert Team 1 (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T76/7/2015
  • Provincial Crime Intelligence: Covert Team 2 (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T77/7/2015
  • Provincial Crime Intelligence: Surveillance (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T78/7/2015
  • Kimberley CI (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T79/7/2015
  • Galeshewe CI (3 Posts) – Ref: NC T80/7/2015
  • Hartswater CI (1 Post) – Ref: NC T81/7/2015
  • Kuruman CI (1 Post) – Ref: NC T82/7/2015
  • Postmasburg CI (1 Post) – Ref: NC T83/7/2015
  • Kakamas CI (1 Post) – Ref: NC T84/7/2015
  • De Aar CI (1 Post) – Ref: NC T85/7/2015
  • Springbok CI (2 Posts) – Ref: NC T86/7/2015
  • Calvinia CI (1 Post) – Ref: NC T87/7/2015

How to apply

Applications close on 31 August 2015. Complete an application form in your own handwriting (download here). These application forms can be obtained from your nearest SAPS Recruitment office or the Human Resource Official at local Police Stations as well as the SAPS Website.Applicants must take note of the fact that application forms and employment are not for sale and any payment offered by an applicant or promises provided in this regard will be investigated and may lead to criminal prosecution. Applicants may report such incidents to the National Anti Corruption Line at telephone number: 0800 701 701.

Specify the post which you are applying for. Make sure you have signed your application form in front of a commissioner of oath.

Attach certified copies of your: * ID Document, * Driver’s license, * Matric/Senior Certificate (Grade 12 certificate), * Additional qualifications, * Proof of residence.

Applicants who were subjected to the psychometric assessment and fit the profile will be requested, when undergoing the fitness assessment, to submit four (4) colour ID photographs, of which one will be utilized for the application form, one for the fitness assessment form, one for the interview form and one for the medical assessment form.

You are advised to apply for posts within your province, close to your place of residence.Application forms must be hand delivered or posted to:

The Provincial Head: Personnel Management: Locked Silver Container at entrance, or Private Bag X5001, Kimberley 8300
The Section Commander: Human Resource Management, Hantam Street, Calvinia SAPS or Private Bag X28, Calvinia 8190
The Section Commander: Human Resource Management, 20 Schreider Street, De Aar SAPS or Private Bag X1003, De Aar 7000
The Section Commander: Human Resource Management, 14 Voortrekker Street, Kuruman SAPS or Private Bag X906, Kuruman 8460
The Section Commander: Human Resource Management, 25 Voortrekker Street, Springbok SAPS or Private Bag X12, Springbok 8240
The Section Commander: Human Resource Management, Room A2, Ground Floor, Professional Building, 18 Schoeder Street, Upington or Private Bag X5986, Upington 8800


Major Senti / Lt Ncoko / PO Syfers / PO Lebere / PO Raaf (Provincial Recruitment Office) Tel: (053) 839 3724/3776
Captain Enslin / PO Mbedla (De Aar): Tel: (053) 632 9541
SPO Plessie / SPO van Wyk (Upington): Tel: (054) 337 5863
W/O Young (Springbok): Tel: (027) 718 9129
PO Gaborone (Kuruman): Tel: (053) 712 9800
PO Bra ndt (Calvinia): Tel: (027) 341 2396

Via – SAPS

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