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Writer: Mosala Caesar Tsamaesi


Life is unfair! Nothing comes easy for what is given on a silver platter and one never realises the effort that had to be put behind in completing the final product output. I come from a struggling family where I was taught that nothing comes easy, if you want it then work for it and I was given tough love especially from my father. I am currently in a process of building a brand and I have been facing some of the great challenges since 2014, only ventured into it after I completed my 4 year accounting course with the University of Johannesburg. I have learned a lot with regard to my academics and realised that knowledge gained needs to be put into good use where required. I believe in patience, persistence and perseverance; however I have reached several stages where I felt like giving up and focus on what I had studied for and continue to pursue my career.

A qualification to me is a secret weapon but not something I can live for because I will only live the decent life but I won’t be able to afford the life I want. Of-course I don’t disagree that education is a good ornament for self development and that it will help you get that job you want to maintain yourself and loved ones.

According to recent stats, 68% of people under 30 years would prefer to own their own business rather than going to university; 81% of people between 30 – 50 are not happy with their job or career, lacking to control their time and cannot control their income potential and not liking people they work with ‘’Isn’t that a torture of life’’. 76% of those people over 50years must do something different. Hope in my inner heart gave me the one reason why I started pursuing a brand in the fuel/transport industry which was strongly triggered by nationwide Eskom load shedding. Yes I’m an opportunist looking to capitalise on another company’s weakness.


I just want to advice the youth out there that entrepreneurship is not about getting rich quick kind of a business thus a lot of business launched fail within 5years because of chancers who are not willing to be patient in their brands and want easy scores. Nothing comes easy therefore have hope for your time is coming and learn to walk by faith and not by sight. In my previous two written material for Education Ambassadors SA I encouraged readers to ‘’never give up’’ and ‘’live with hope’’.

It is up to you in taking the decision to give everything to God and asking for his help. Yes your plans and desires of your heart may not be God’s plans for you however He has something much more better for you. Regardless of your current circumstances and how bad your business is doing at the moment for as long as you can breathe then you have a great contribution to change all odds you are facing. We all don’t know what lies ahead of us but I am here to tell you that it’s your choice to wake up, get up and show up regardless the situation. Life is a marathon not a sprint and what matters is to leave a legacy to be recognised and valued by future generations. Hope is where dreams begin and is where all small ventures are established. We don’t know when will God decide to take you or me from earth therefore I’d rather act on life than let life act on me. I might fail it’s okay but I’ll live free knowing that I tried to fail than fail to try and again there is nothing wrong with giving up but the problem is to give up without giving all your best. If you tell me there is no hope in your brand then you are actually saying there is zero chance that your business might be successful, so why start something you cannot finish. The most important tool is choosing the right attitude that will allow you to gain proper perspective and rising above whatever challenge comes your way.


The most important lessons come through your unhappy customers, to grow a business it’s not about you or the product you are offering but what matters is your clients as they are the ones who determine the make or break of your business. Pay attention to that as it gives you second chance to improve not give up. We all have a good story to tell and I believe that one day I’ll be one of the greatest entrepreneurs inspiring and motivating a lot of individuals within and across South Africa.

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We wish you all the best, Caesar. We believe that your passion for entrepreneurship and success will indeed help you achieve more. Keep the faith in God and you will always win. Best wishes.

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