Your Nemesis: Two boxes to tick in competition

Thabo Ledimo

Thabo Ledimo

There is nothing that you do, that anybody can take away from you.

There is a belief that there are not enough resources to go around for our dreams. We have being wired to think that way; we have been wired to think that we are not good enough, that we need to be hostile.

Well the question is. Do we need to be hostile or do we need to be competitive in a constructive way? I believe that being competitive in a constructive way is much way important than fighting for resources.

How to be a good competitor and how to come out at the top

Don’t complain
There are people who just complain about things, people who look at those who are better than them and think that those other people are more talented. Well there is no such thing as being too talented, there is no such thing as being too much of a big shot, there is no such thing as being the one who controls it all. See your competitors through this window and you will know what it is that you are competing with.

Do more
Is your competitor not giving the good customer service, his not passing the ball or sharing ideas? Well if that the case, you need to do more than they do, even if you do not get paid for it, you need to do things that other people are not willing to do, you need to do more than your competitor, you need to ten times as hard as him, not because you are special because you believe that you want it more than they want it and that you deserve.

Author: Thabo Ledimo, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

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