Trainee Protection Officers Wanted at Transnet Group

The Transnet School of Security offers a 09 weeks Learnership in SASSETA Skills Programme 1 & 2. Learners will undergo a SASSETA Skills Programme 1 and 2 and be confirmed as a competent Patrol Security Officer and Access Control after 09 weeks of Skills Programme 1 & 2.The Transnet School of Security is a major milestone in ensuring the successful execution of the company’s R300 billion Market Demand Strategy. The launch of the school in 2012 marked a significant shift in the company’s approach to the protection of its people and assets.The school is part of a broad initiative to secure Transnet’s interests and address some of the critical areas of the business which are most affected by crime.

The reference number for this learnership is 6002371.

About the programme

Recruits to the Transnet School of Security will start with a wide variety of experience and previous training. Each class goes through the basic requirements of the Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) protection officers. All recruits are trained in the handling of firearms, even if their initial deployment does not require them to carry weapons.The basic skills taught include:

  • The use of common security equipment
  • Access control, conducting security patrols and effective security teamwork
  • Fire-fighting, primary first aid, conducting evacuations and general emergency management
  • Legal aspects of security, giving evidence in court cases and the basics of legislation around firearms
  • Essential business ethics and effective communication, including defusing conflict and handling complaints
  • Primary computer skills.


  • Unless the applicant can demonstrate that he/she has gained the necessary competencies through extensive experience, a Grade 12 certificate is required
  • Must pass the Fitness Evaluation
  • Must be medically fit and pass Medical Examination and Psychometrical test
  • No Criminal record
  • Must be a South African Citizen
  • Experience in the SANDF, the SAPS, Correctional Services, other Police Services and the Private Security Industry environment will be an added advantage

Fitness selection Criteria

Fitness evaluation: Male

  • 2.4 km run under 12 min
  • 2 minutes to complete as many push ups as possible (min 40) #2 minutes to complete as many sit ups as possible (min 55)
  • 10 shuttle runs in less than 60 seconds (lines are 22 metres apart)
  • 4 km walk in less than 30 minutes

Fitness evaluation: Female

  • 2.4 km run under 14:30 min
  • 2 minutes to complete as many push ups as possible (min required 34)
  • 2 minutes to complete as many sit ups as possible (min required 31)
  • 10 shuttle runs in less than 70 seconds (lines are 22 metres apart)
  • 4 km walk in less than 35 minutes

How to apply

Applications close on 02 June 2015. Email your completed Curriculum Vitae (CV) or fax it to 0865310778. Alternatively click here to apply online

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