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Writer: Lebo Hlaha

Lebo Hlaha

Lebo Hlaha

If you’re sitting there, going through some sense of bitterness because you were told that you’re never good enough, intelligent enough, cute enough, slim enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, tall enough, or talented enough, and you were told that the diamond you have is not diamond but a stone. All your life you are told the things you can’t do. Well, here is an up-date for you: Hater’s mission is primarily meant to make you feel bad about anything and everything; the bad and the good. They like to be heard because for some odd reasons is somehow boost their ego. Their hostility is intended deliberately to get attention, because it makes them feel like their voice is heard and their existence is noticed. It’s just a mean, nasty trick designed to humiliate, bitter, belittle, to tear down your ego and to tone down your role in this world. Here we’re taking about the society which normality and common sense work against. They’re ever ready to overstep standards of decency in order to make a worthless point. Not only do they pounce on your mistakes, they also twist it.

I don’t know how you came to believe that they were right, but you did. Then in due course, wherever you go, everything appear to draw attention to what they told you. You seem to run only into tall, cute, strong etc. people. Hence this makes you feel inadequate, and effectively destroys your confidence, and steals your happiness. As a result, you’ve grown anger, and suddenly dislike every person without a reason simply because your hater made you to believe that only certain type of people are much appreciated in the world. And now you’re left wrapped-up in a corner filled with self-criticism and despair. Is it not surprising how badly you can bitterly judge yourself for really no good reasons? Just because you heard some negative message, doesn’t mean you should allow it to make it a home on your mind. Just because it entered your mind, doesn’t mean you’re are bound to entertain their damaging sense. Just because your hater said it, it doesn’t it make it true. When you allow negativity build a nest on your mind, that’s when you start designing yourself a formula to unhappiness, pain, and to do things that lead to regrets. Nothing constructive comes out of entertaining negative thoughts. It doesn’t motivate you to be a better person, or to do better. But works to generate further negative energy in and around you.

Pause a little to realize that your selfishness knows no limits, and only works to harm you, the owner. You need to walk away from all that drama. Something aren’t next steps but necessities, because some people are committed to anger, and competing with them means you must live at the level of their depression. The truth is, no matter how loud their opinions are, they can’t change who you are. Therefore there’s no excuse for trying to make the very best out of your life. Your unhappiness at this pointing time is the byproduct of choosing to let negative messages dwell in your head.

Primarily, realize that you’re choosing to participate in their opinions about you. You’re giving others’ opinions a way too much in your life for no reason. You think their opinion, and live it. This is the absolute truth even if it doesn’t seem like it. When you first realize that you’re the person responsible for choosing to living in a way that constantly makes you unhappy, the quicker you will have a better opinion about yourself. Believing in their damaging opinions, you’re literally becoming a prisoner of your own thoughts and beliefs. The incredible amount of stress you put yourself affect not only your self-esteem, but your goals, and well-being as well.

It hurts a lot when others do you wrong, especially with intend. The hurt can possible steal away your happiness of your life mission. Hence why you must be on guard and understand how to claim your own happiness even when hope seems lost. Have confidence in your own existence because it’s yours, and you alone can work to achieve what you want and desire. Be kind and gentle to yourself and believe in your abilities, hard work, courage, and to savor them for as long as possible. Be calm and pay attention to what you want to be, not on what others think you should be. Don’t ever think you’ve lost time. It’s never too late to change your life. It’s never too late to be what you meant to be. It’s never too late to try once more time. True happiness is found in peace of mind. No one will ever improve your life, but yourself. No one will pursue your dreams for you, but you. So, rather than wasting your energy and time on competing with haters, rather use that negativity to push you to do more and to be the best you can be. This can take you where you want to go as long as you believe in it and in yourself.

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