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I am 21 years old of age. I am not an average “I-live-in-a-comfortable-zone, I-have-both-parents, they-work-and-do-everything-for-me, I-never-worry-about-food-shelter-or-school-fees” type of person. In fact my background and circumstances are not very great, but I managed to make my life a positive one, regardless of how difficult it is.

I don’t have both parents. I didn’t go to a private school, but I did have the privilege of going to one of the best high schools in Vaal Triangle. Most days I had food, but there were also times when a day would go by without me having any; but that hungry time passed.


There were times when I just wanted to give up school and on life in general, because I did not have money to get to school. I didn’t have any support system; I felt there was absolutely no way out because I could not see beyond my situation.

My experiences have taught me an essential lesson: surrounding yourself with positive people (Dream Chasers) more especially those who have similar dreams as you, being prosperous and living a legit successful life is crucial, because they will motivate and encourage you during hard situations you are going through.

Things are not perfect at the moment, but they are getting better and better as each day passes. I accept that making life worth living is a process which I am responsible for. I got a bursary to study B.A in Communications which granted me an opportunity to become a writer for campus publication and other organisations, and not because I was lucky but because I had showed potential and someone spotted it.

You may be asking yourself, how did he do it? The secret is passion, persistence and commitment, and it applies to all aspects of life. It is these character traits that helped me to be where I am today. I believe that if I had not held on to these principles I would definitely be a “wash out” involved in criminal activities.

I wrote this article with a purpose to inspire, to motivate and remind my fellow Dream Chasers to stay true to themselves, to your calling and to encourage you to believe in the beauty of your dreams. I am Sam Mothopeng and I am a Dream Chaser.

“They say your brain is most creative in your sleep. See they say in the sleep state the brain thinks much more visually and intuitively, haha… As Dream Chasers we accomplish that while awake.” –Meek Mill

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