What’s my story?



Writer: Andile Nosiphiwo Gwambe

My story is humble
Like my beginnings in the heart of Zululand
As the grass growing so soon after being burnt

My story is painful
Like the 16 year old who laboured til my birth
And the 21 year old who stuck by her side

My story is cherished
Like the memory of my God-fearing and beautiful gran, uNothando
Like the blood that sings a song as it flows through this body

My story is the smile on my face
When my inside is in utter turmoil
When my world begins to make sense

My story is the tears that grace my cheeks
Coz my soul has connected with another of its kind
And when it loses the one it met along the path

My story is my birthmark
The day that marks my birth
And the mark that shades my existence

My story is the great lengths I would go to
To protect what is most precious to me, my love
To risk that exposure by another

My story is my love
The love that knows no conditions or ends
The love that honours those who love

My story is beautiful
It unfolds with every breathe I take
But not everybody can read it or see its beauty
Only those that are close enough, and dear enough can

My face will never tell you the things my soul knows
My hands will never show you the works of my heart
Neither will by body explain the complexities of my being

My story is not my past, it is not my future, but my present
It is not my beginning or end, but my journey

And my story is not yours, but mine, all mine
My story is mine


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