Women can do it for themselves, too!



Writer: Nthabiseng Clementine Mahlwele

Most of us are familiar with the saying; “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”! Well, like many others, I didn’t quite understand what it meant. I don’t know if people find this overrated but I think as a young woman, I have a responsibility to highlight how our youth is oppressed by IGNORANCE. As a student in a country that promotes women empowerment in all corners, it is disappointing to still see that girls have a tendency of being dependent on men for a living, while we have so many opportunities in this country which we should be thanking God for!

We’re at a point in time where about 276 young girls were abducted in Nigeria by an Al-Qaeda linked terror militant group called Boko Haram, just because there are speculations that they believe women shouldn’t be educated. Here we are in Mzansi, surrounded by so many opportunities to hustle but we still choose to be ignorant and lazy enough not to use them.

Some women don’t do so well in high school but instead of trying again to get good results or going for a different route to get educated, they decide to quit and go look for a rich boyfriend. Ladies, why are we denying ourselves of a good education and independence? Why do we choose to be slaves of our own bad choices? Why do we suddenly think getting a boyfriend “wa ho becha” is the way to go? Let’s stop that! We’re way too beautiful and smart to stoop that low!

Most of the “hustlers” ekasi are guys. I want to challenge ladies to change that from today. We can also do it big. We can also save up that money we get paid at Shoprite and buy a Quantum. We can also create a clothing line and make it a well known brand in SA. We can become DJs, own Car Washes or Start a Sports team that could one day compete at a national level. We have it in us but we’re just way too ignorant to see that.

“I’ve often thought it’s unfair that women are expected to stay at home when there’s a fight to be won. If a woman has the strength to bear a child, she can swing a sword as well as any man.” – Karen Hawkins

I dare all ladies to start being up to date with current affairs, start hustling like men do. I dare you to pitch that business idea you’ve had for so long, enroll for that course or degree that you’ve always wanted. Get that driver’s license! Prepare that CV and let every business have a copy. I dare you to stand on your own two feet, spoil yourself from your own pocket and stop being so ignorant and dependent on men! We are women, we have it in us to be successful and independent, only if we stop being ignorant. The choice is ours.

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