Man Has Lost


Writer: Kgahleho Robert Dibakoane 



Man has lost, for he seeks for a purpose forgetting he’s here to be
an animal.
He sees himself the smartest among others while he ranks the third.

Man has lost, for he kneels to what he doesn’t understand.
He has lost, for he’s given freedom in writing but caged as a modern

Man has lost, for he never reads to empower but to only take what is given.
Man has lost indeed, for when a blind leads a bind both fall in a

Man has lost, for he puts money over everything.
He has lost, for nothing is of importance anymore, even souls are
for sale.

Man has lost, for he fails to understand meaning behind words.
Are you free?, is there democracy?, is there justice or injustices?,
and he who preach a word of Ubuntu does he practice the concept?

Man has lost, for he doesn’t know who he is.
He has lost, for he competes with his kind.

Man has lost, for his world is destroyed.
He has lost, for the whole world around him is computerised.


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