My Testimony: What Education Ambassadors SA Did For Me


Written By Nthabiseng Magoma


Education Ambassadors SA (EASA) became a part of my life as I always turned to it as my source of job posts. From time to time I would visit their blog where people are just expressive using articles. I was then inspired to draft something as my relationship with pen and paper has always been a special one to me, it is somewhat of an escape.

I have always loved writing but never really had confidence in my writing skills, but Education Ambassadors SA motivated me to a point where I challenged myself to write and have them publish my articles, from this experience I am now able to confidently say I am a ”budding” journalist all thanks to EASA. I have always believed that I was raised by the community and EASA certainly is a big part of that community. Today I am co-founder of a magazine called Pusha Magazine. Pusha is a non-profit magazine, one of its kind; a much needed project as it will disseminate information to relevant people, in this case the youth.

 PushaMagazine is a project that addresses a number of issues making reference to what are the current challenges that are facing the youth. Pusha will serve as the man on the ground who is taking information to the people who need it the most.

Education Ambassadors SA contributed a lot in helping me grow not only with my writing but also with me growing as a person, having worked closely with the founder when I saw what success she made of this organisation I was motivated to also follow my dream and all time passion of giving back, specifically using communications for community development. I can never thank Education Ambassadors SA (EASA) enough, my most sincere gratitude to all the team members who inspired me consciously and unconsciously, I remain a principled education ambassador, and I will continue to write for EASA.

Thank you for your kind words Nthabiseng. The entire Education Ambassadors SA Team wishes you all the best in your future endeavours. Remember, we will always be here for YOU!

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