Writer: Sazi iBhele Elihle

Last night i forgot to pray,
It took me 2 hours before my sleep, thinking deep,
When I finally closed my eyes, I caught my sleep.
There I was trapped in a darkroom, pitch black.
I started sweating, stopped breathing, tears dripping
These hands won’t stop pulling, hurting me
Can I wake up from this dream, in my attempt to scream
My voice was gone, nobody could hear me,
So I gave in, stopped fighting the dream
I was just too weak…..feeling sick

It was 5 o’clock when woken up by my alarm clock,
What a nightmare I had,
It was too bad… sad. And i remembered that:
Last night I forgot to pray.

Having woken up in anger, in a dream
Being chased by a dagger…
This morning I forgot to pray,
But hoping for a better day than the night before;
But my neighbours won’t stop cursing me,
The devil tempting me,
My confidence left me,
Trapped with my fears and sorrows,
Nothing went right for me,
Even my friends have gone against me,
Nothing makes sense to me,
Coz this morning I forgot to Pray.

The day goes by nothing is working out for me,
Not even my tears are comforting me,
My ears bringing all the voices to me,

Night came, and before I attempt to sleep I asked myself,
Why I had such a bad day,
It was actually that this morning, like last night,
I forgot to Pray, so I prayed:
“Heavenly Father, bless me,
For my trespasses forgive me,
From evil deliver me,
Down green pastures lead me,
In paths of righteousness guide me,
In Lord Jesus name, AMEN”

And I’m not going to forget to Pray again like last night,
Coz I just Prayed…

Best way to start my today is to Pray,
Coz last night I forgot to Pray…

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