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Writer: Mosala Caesar Tsamaesi

Edited by: Education Ambassadors SA

Life is a gamble, a win or lose situation. Tertiary education unlocks your mind and teaches you to be strong and an independent individual. I have fell so many times but had the courage to get up and move forward. I matriculated in 2009, I had my own root of motivation and even today it continues to help me grow strong.

 I am young, I am hip, I have a hungry brain and I just let my imagination run free so I can discover new things every day. There is nothing difficult in life but there are challenges meant to be faced and gone through. Never ever in your life accept failure because there is nothing like failure but a decision to quit. Comparison with your peers as a substance of motivation is good but know that you are facing the world alone, not for the benefit of friends, family nor anyone else but YOURSELF. I learned the hard way and that is why I never give up.

“Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure. It just means you haven’t succeeded yet.” – Robert Schulle

 If life was easy then all of us would have nothing to be motivated for. For this reason by getting other challenges and goals, whether it is studying an additional language or taking up a new creative hobby, you are able to develop a highly disciplined mind that will assist you in many other areas of life. Maintaining confidence, positive hopeful thoughts and determination is the secret to lasting success. Set smaller goals and then reward yourself for realising them on a regular basis. Thinking well is being well. You will find only a minority of people who become successful without having any belief in themselves or even in what they do. Be proud of the actual positive steps you have decided to take in asserting control over your life and maintain your positive hopeful thoughts.

The sweats you have will eventually show in your results, all the sacrifices you put in will feed back into you. NEVER LOSE HOPE BECAUSE WITHOUT HOPE THERE IS NOTHING.

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