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Writer, Nombulelo Nogwanya. 10 January 2013

It is once again that time of the year when we all look at the year ahead and figure out what to make of it. Every year brings forth its own changes and challenges, and that is what life and growing up are really about. To you 2013 might mean a new school, grade, teachers-a new environment all in all but these changes should not in any way intimidate you because you have all it takes to take them on. You need to realise your potential and make it a point to always be ahead of what is happening and never find yourself in a comfort zone unless it is not growth you are after.

As you take on the first trimester of the year, remind yourself of all the dreams you want to make a reality. Write them down and think of how getting an education can bring you a step closer to living them if only you give it your all. Make it a point to align them (dreams/goals) with what you do at school and let this to be your focus. Getting rid of things that are likely to derail you can help you focus more on your goals and these might be things like spending long hours socialising online, laziness and perhaps some bad negative company to mention but a few. So, how about spending your time and energy on things that will help you flourish in life, things that will keep you both mentally and physically fit?  Think of perfecting all things you are good at, joining a study group, playing sport, reading and studying more, doing community work on your spare time and all other things you can think of-not forgetting of course, following a healthy diet.

Dear reader, this year things need not be complicated, you have everything you need to make it through all within you. Everything relies on you to make it happen and you have to be willing to work hard to get all that you want. Remember that good marks do not come easily, passing means nothing if you never take time to know and understand what you are taught, and without a clear vision, dedication, focus and hard work, your chances of making it are quite slim. Put education behind your goals and let it push you in the right direction at all times because it is after all the key to success. Now here’s to getting those well deserved As and making 2013 your year to shine because you can.

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