Let the truth heal YOU



Writer: Takalani Sioga

The best thing you can do is let the truth heal you! Feeling pain doesn’t mean you are a weak person but allowing the pain to go on forever is a sign that you are a coward. This is because it takes courage to acknowledge your pain and expose it. You must also realise that time will not necessarily heal your pain but truth applied over time will. It will comfort you to know you are not the only one going through what you are going through and there are many who have already gone through it and came out fine, and there are many going through it right now.

A lot of our pain in life is the result of the wrong way of thinking. I have found that it is not just what happened to us but it is really how we think about it in our hearts. Give yourself permission to feel pain, sorrow, sadness as well as joy and happiness. The reason many people are addicted to drugs in our country is that they avoid feeling pain. The ability to feel pain is a gift from God. Pain is proof that things are out of order in your life. So pain can become a teacher, it can help you to make better decisions and help others along the way.

Don’t allow painful experiences to label you. You are bigger, better and more beautiful than that pain. Reprogram your mind with the truth. Stop believing the lie about yourself and what happened to you. The bible is an excellent source of the truth. Change what you are telling yourself inside. “It’s not what they call you; it is what you answer to”. Talk to someone who has conquered what you are struggling with.

Let the truth make you free!

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