Writer: Mpho Khorombi

It is described as the burning desire to achieve a certain goal, success.

We’re living in a generation where young people have very little ambition, more especially amongst black Africans. It is understandable that we were previously disadvantaged but that should not be used as an excuse as we have resources at our disposal.

Where is the hunger for education, accomplishment? Instead young people would rather invest time and money into clothes, feeding addictions, and having the latest gadgets but how is this going to benefit us and our economy in the long term?

We are distracted and ignorant to really take notice of opportunities and to even go out and look for opportunities. The world truly owes no one nothing. I’m a firm believer in the fact that no one is born stupid, yes a person may be born poor but the brain is not born poor.

Your brain is a powerhouse, capable of producing thoughts, creating ideas, opening a world of possibilities. We just need to learn to be more ambitious and to want better things for ourselves. And what better way is there than to get educated?

There are so many opportunities but our freedom is epitomised in the wrong ways. There are universities and other institutions of higher education, internships and scholarships- stepping stones for growth and empowerment.

We just have to stop making excuses and feeling sorry for ourselves. There are many billionaires who started from humble backgrounds went through intense situations. But still managed to succeed. The difference is in the decisions we make, to either let circumstances control us or to control circumstances- to see a solution where there is a problem. To be determined, resilient and persistent to be ambitious.

A person just has to want success enough, have a zeal to achieve. Be focused, be goal
orientated, be driven and achieve. Only you have the power to do so.

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