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Writer: Xolile Charles Mphokela

Hopes and dreams of Afrika beset them

May their spirits fuel our desire for freedom, lest we forget them?

Afrika will one day find joy and peace, that is my belief

My heart wept for their mothers’ grief


They, who went to war without aid of joy

Peace to restore and despair destroy

Our soldiers died to reach an Afrikan solution

They’ve fallen for Afrika’s revolution


Taught to honour peace and injustice overthrow

The pain and hardships they endured, that I’ll never know

They dwelled in each other’s hearts and were brothers in arms

They, who faced death daily and knew no other harms


On Afrikan soil they did rise, and on Afrikan soil they did fall

For peace they did toil, their cause was just. Not big or small

Wars without expiration dates, deaths without end

For Afrika, I pray and hope there’s light at this tunnel’s end


The Thirteen laid down their lives for freedom we sought

Like our forefathers, for whom our freedom did fought and wrought

Foot soldiers in a titanic battle to stop injustice and genocide

Wars must end on our continent. It is thus up to Afrikans to decide



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